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Veneers services offered in Federal Way, WA

Veneers are a minimally invasive way to restore your smile and strengthen your teeth. WA Dental offers comprehensive veneer services to repair chipped, cracked, or irregularly shaped teeth. The skilled dental team customizes your veneers to look natural and last for years. If you’re ready to get the smile of your dreams, call the Federal Way, Washington office to schedule a consultation for veneers or book an appointment online today. 

Veneers Q&A

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that bond to the front surface of your teeth. The durable, tooth-colored shells can restore the appearance and strength of damaged teeth.

WA Dental offers veneers as part of its cosmetic dentistry services. They provide comprehensive dental exams to assess the health of your teeth and determine if veneers are a treatment option for you.

If your teeth are severely damaged, you may be a candidate for dentures, dental implants, or other cosmetic dentistry services.

When should I consider veneers?

You may consider veneers if you’re unhappy with your smile because of damaged or irregularly shaped teeth. The WA Dental team might recommend veneers as a minimally invasive treatment option for teeth that are:

  • Chipped
  • Broken
  • Misshapen
  • Discolored

Veneers can also improve the overall symmetry of your teeth to enhance your smile.

What happens when I get veneers?

Veneers typically take two appointments. At your first visit, the WA Dental team takes X-rays of your teeth and makes a mold of your mouth. They send this information to a dental lab that custom-makes your veneers.

When your veneers are ready, you come back to the office. The team thoroughly cleans your teeth to eliminate debris and bacteria. They also remove a small amount of enamel to help the veneer bond more efficiently to your tooth.

The team uses dental cement to bond the veneer to the front surface of your teeth. They use ultraviolet light to rapidly harden the cement and keep the veneer in place.

How do I care for veneers?

When you care for your veneers properly, they can last up to ten years. You care for your dental veneers the same way as your natural teeth, brushing and flossing daily.

While veneers are durable, you should avoid chewing hard foods and biting your nails to prevent damage. Teeth grinding can also damage your veneers. If you grind your teeth, the team can recommend a nightguard to wear while you sleep.

If you experience damage or lose a veneer, you should schedule a visit to WA Dental for veneer repair or replacement.

Call WA Dental to schedule a consultation for veneers, or book an appointment online today.