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Dentures services offered in Federal Way, WA

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, affordable option to replace one or more missing teeth, dentures may be the right solution. At WA Dental, the skilled dental team provides complete denture services to restore your smile and oral health. Whether you need full or partial dentures, the team designs custom dentures that fit comfortably and securely. They can also repair dentures in-office. Call the Federal Way, Washington office to find out if dentures are right for you, or book a consultation online today.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices made of artificial teeth that attach to a base. Dentures are a minimally invasive way to replace missing teeth to improve your bite and enhance your smile.

WA Dental offers two types of dentures:

Full dentures

Full dentures consist of a set of upper and lower devices. The base rests on your gums, and you can secure them in place with a denture adhesive.

You might be a candidate for full dentures if you lose all your teeth because of decay or disease.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are devices that fill in gaps where you’re missing teeth. Artificial teeth connect to a frame that fits over adjacent teeth to secure your partial denture in place. This type of denture can replace one or more missing teeth to restore your smile and improve your bite.

Both types of dentures are made from durable, lightweight materials that look like your natural teeth.

When should I consider dentures?

You should schedule a consultation at WA Dental if you’re missing one or more teeth but aren’t a candidate for dental implants. Missing teeth can affect how you feel about your smile and also interfere with your ability to chew food and speak clearly.

The dental team provides comprehensive oral exams to assess the health of your gums and remaining teeth. They can help you choose the right type of denture for your needs and budget.

A medical lab custom-makes your dentures to fit your mouth comfortably. WA Dental can also repair your dentures if they become damaged.

What should I expect after getting dentures?

At first, wearing dentures may feel awkward or uncomfortable. However, the longer you wear them, the more your mouth and tongue will adapt. You might experience gum soreness or irritation or have more saliva than usual.

Daily cleaning ensures your dentures last and lowers your risk for gum irritation or infection. The WA Dental team can show you how to care for your dentures, remaining teeth, and gums.

Call WA Dental to learn more about the benefits of dentures, or book an appointment online today.